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Traditional Shanghai Snacks

12 Feb

At the mention of Shanghai, most of the westerners will think it is a bustling metropolis immediately. Actually, in addition to this,Shanghai snacks are also very noteworthy. I believe if you have been to Shanghai, you must have tried some of them because these snacks are really famous inShanghaiand have hundreds years of history. If you haven’t tried them, why don’t we have a look together? Maybe they will attract you deeply and you will think: erm, why don’t I go toShanghai for the next travel?

Small steamed bun is a ball shaped dumpling with a whorl like pattern on the top, stuffed with a variety of fillings, including pork, seafood and vegetables, steamed by small bamboo food steamer.Its skin is smooth and somewhat translucent, rather than being white and fluffy. There is also much soup inside, the soup inside is created by placing some meat gelatin inside the dumpling before steaming, then the steam heat melts the gelatin into soup.

image is from Flickr by Avlxyz  (it is free to be shared and remixed)

Shanghai Pan Fried Steamed Bread (also named Shengjian) is a kind of bread which is flaky and savory with thin skin. It looks small, but is full in shape and covered with sesame and chopped scallion pieces. The inside is fresh meat and gravy, when you bite it, there will be a lot of gravy in your mouth with the bread and meat, so it will not taste very dry like other breads. There are innumerable stores selling this snack, but the most famous one is “Xiaoyang Shengjian”.

image is from Flickr by SimonQ (it is free to be shared and remixed)

Eight treasure rice puddings is a well known traditional Chinese dessert, cooked with sticky rice and 8 different freshly dried fruits and nuts. The ingredients include: glutinous rice, lotus seed, candied cherries, dried dates, etc. Most of theShanghaipeople will eat the eight treasure rice pudding on the New Year’s Eve.

image is from Flickr by Hlin88 (it is free to be shared and remixed)

Pepper mint patty (Bohegao) and green bean cake are very popular inChinaespecially inShanghai.Pepper mint patty tastes just like mint jelly, very soft and smooth. Green bean cake is very dry and soft. When you put it into mouth, you will feel it melts immediately, and the sweetness is not very strong.

image is from Flickr by Magnovich(it is free to be shared and remixed)


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