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Tips of Cleaning Kitchen (2)

28 Apr

1  Cleaning of dirt: Mix water and saleratus together to make soda water then put dishcloth into the soda water and dry it. This way can clean dirt on gas cooker、oven、thermos、hydrant and so on. Or you can use soft cloth with little toothpaste to scrub again and again; at last the surface will become very shine.

 2 Cleaning of stainless steel: So many people will chose steel-ball to scrub cookers, but it is easy to make crack. However if use cleaning sponge, you couldn’t wipe dirt up. Under this circumstance, you could use the rest radish or cuke with cleanser, and then clean by water. Moreover, vinegar is also helpful to clean dirt.

3 Cleaning of wooden-furnishings: Add some vinegar in the water, use dishcloth to clean it .Or you can use clean dishcloth which soaked in the overdue milk and then clean it by water.

4  Cleaning of copperware: You can use royal fizz mix fine salt to clean.

5  Cleaning of glass wares and crockery: You can use vinegar mix salt to clean.

6  Cleaning of plastic- basket and net. You can use old toothbrush with vinegar or cleanser essence to brush them lightly.

PS: Usually, housewife use buck to clean kitchen, but it’s easy to hurt skin. I found that my hands become very coarse after I use buck to clean kitchen in the first time. When you found your hands with some oil stain after finish the cleaning work, you can put your hands in the water, then get some corn flour and rub with the hands about one minute, cleaning the hands by water in the end.

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