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Sweet Potato Balls with Coconut & Honey

22 Jan

 As we all know, sweet potato is a kind of healthy with low fat and calorie, with balanced nutrition and what more important is it also has a strong anti-cancer effect. There is no doubt that this sweet potato balls in coconut & honey is a quite healthy snack for people of all ages to eat. When ypu bite it, you will find the sweetened bean paste inside brings you a lot of surprise and hapiness. Continue reading

Special Egg Rolls

15 Jan



 Special egg rolls is a kind of snack which looks like Sushi, but it really different from Sushi. Firstly, it has strong smell of fried egg and gives you an appetite; secondly, its taste is refreshing and greaseless because the foodstuff inside are cucumber, carrot and seafood stick; thirdly, the making process is very easy and convenient.   Continue reading

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