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Interview with a Chinese Student in the UK

26 Apr

Sweet Corn Pancake

24 Apr

Sweet corn is native to central America, most of them are planted in Mexico and Peru. In the 16th century, sweet corn was imported to China and it has more than 400 years cultivation history. Eating sweet corn is very good to human’s health because there are plenty of nutrition in it. It includes vitamin B1,manganese, vitamin B5, dietary fiber, vitamin C,phosphorus and  folate. 

Sweet corn is beneficial to people who has problem of heart  and cancer diseases. Because the main element of folate in sweet corn can  help to maintain a good health condition  for human’s heart, according to the stats, folate can reduce 10%  of  the heart attack; it also can help smokers reduce the risk of lung cancer by 37 % (Diet Health Club, 2010).

It is always used in salads and many vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. However, in China, it is also usually cooked as a kind of snack which is called sweet corn pancake. People always eat this snack in the restaurant and it is one of the most popular snacks, especially in some festivals like Chinese New Year or in the wedding party.

It is fragrant, sweet, crispy and with a smell of cream. Furthermore, it has a very beautiful colour which can work up your appetite. Actually, the cooking process is very easy, everyone can cook them at home and enjoy the delicious taste with your friends or families.   


1 It is better to cuted the sweet corn pancake into pieces, more convenient for people get to eat.

2 It can be cuted about 9 pieces, but it depends on the size. 

Making Processes:

1 Open the can, pull the sweet corn kernels into plate, drain the sweet corn kernels

2 Add the cornstarch into sweet corn kernels

3 Use spoon or chopsticks to mix the cornstarch and sweet corn kernels, make sure cornstarch cover the sweet corn kernels equably

4 Heating the pan and add some oil, pull the oil into a bowl when you fell the oil is hot

5 Leave some oil in the pan, then put the sweet corn kernels into the pan and use a spoon to press them flatly

6 When you see the sweet corn kernels are stick together, then pull the original oil into the pan, if it can not sock the kernels, add more oil into the pan

7 Add some sugar on the sweet corn kernels, use hard fire to fry the sweet corn kernels, but you need to make it not be parched

8 Turn off the fire when you see the sweet corn kernels are finalize the design

9 Put the sweet corn pancake in the plate, dust it with decorated sugar

10 Finally, cut it into proper pieces


1 If you do not like too sweet food, you can ignore the step of adding sugar.

2 When you frying the sweet corn pancake, you need to shake the pan to make the pancake heat evenly.

3 You can use some vegetable or fruit to decorate the pancake instead of using decorated sugar.


Diet Health Club, (nd), Sweet Corn Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Sweet Corn, available at: http://www.diethealthclub.com/health-food/sweet-corn-health-benefits.html, accessed on 18/04/2011.

Rita’s Snacks Kingdom

6 Apr

 Rita`s Profile

Rita is a Chinese girl who has lived and studied in the UK for three years. In the period of study abroad, one of her biggest interests is cooking, especially making snacks. Because in the UK, there are a lot of Chinese snacks can not be bought. If we really want to eat something, the best way is cooking by ourselves. Therefore she started to search recipes online and make various snacks or foods by herself. In her mind, cooking is a process of relax. When she cooking, she will pay all the attention to the foods, then she will not think any other boring things. She also said:” When people eating the foods I cooked and praise the tastes, I can always feel a kind of  happiness which can not be described.” She really loves cooking very much and enjoy the cooking process a lot. So she would like to share some snacks cooked by herself with us, the following is a video about the snacks cooked by Rita. Let’s watch together If you also have some fanbulous snacks pictures cooked by you or your friends, why don’t you share with us?



Sticky Peanut

24 Mar

Peanut as a kind of healthy food is very popular for a lot of people. It was originally grown in South America, Central America and Mexico. It was known by various interesting local names, like earthnuts, goober peas and monkey nuts. Peanut is highly beneficial for the heart because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, the fat content helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases; it helps in bringing down the risk of coronary diseases because it contains high quantity of antioxidants; it is rich in protein and provide high energy to the body; it also promotes the growth of body bones as it contains calcium in high content etc. Continue reading

Mashed Potatoes with Kiwifruit

18 Mar

To many westerners, mashed potatoes is their daily main course. It is always cooked with cheese, butter, chicken sauce etc. However, do you know mashed potatoes can be cooked with fruits especially with orange, kiwi fruits, banana? The taste is quite different. Today I’m going to share how to cook kiwi mashed potatoes with you. Because kiwi is a kind of fruit with rich vitamins,  flavonoids and minerals. It has a lot of health benefits such as prevents Asthma, prevents wheezing and coughing, especially in children, protects our DNA from mutations, provides a healthy amount of antioxidants and vitamins, and helps prevent colon cancer thanks to a high fiber content.  Continue reading

Chinese Steak Pie

12 Mar

 Steak Pie is a kind of snack which has long history in China. It originated from Tang Dynasty and only served for royal families at that time. Gradually, common people started to eat the steak pie and it became very popular among the people. Because  it not only tastes very good but also easy to give people the feeling of fulness. In the north of China, most of people regard this kind of pie as their main course. Actually, the  minced beef inside can be replaced by minced pork,  pickled vegetable etc, it depends on what you like.   Continue reading

Interview with an International Student

4 Mar

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