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Sichuan Snacks

30 Apr

Sichuan is a province which in the southwest of China, it is famous for its consummate cuisine and spicy food. Chengdu is the provincial capital of Sichuan and it is in the middle of Sichuan province. There are countless visitors come to Chengdu every year as its reputable snacks. Sichuan snacks have a long history, varied assortment and rich in local flavor. They have extremely significant position in the Chinese treasure house of cooking heritage. Because of the climate in Sichuan is humid, so most of the local people like to eating spicy food to help their body perspire. Actually, it is an effective way to cooling the body. That is why Sichuan snacks are outstanding of spicy. The following are some introduces of native Sichuan snacks.

 Why Sichuan snacks so popular in China even in the global stage is determined by their special characteristics and tasty flavor. Sichuan snacks are very different from other snacks, because they are not only choose a variety of condiments, but also pay particular attention to seasonings skill. Then Sichuan snacks are very good at using soup, the soup used in the Sichuan snacks is made by a variety of ingredients and condiments, tastes really delicious. Furthermore, no matter what kind of Sichuan snacks, they are all very focus on the quality of raw materials and seasoning. They believe only high quality of raw materials and seasoning can make delicious snacks. In addition, the price of snacks is very cheap; it is also an important reason of why Sichuan snacks are generally welcomed by common people.

There are a lot of famous snacks in Sichuan, such as Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce (Fu Qi Fei Pian), Spicy Rice Noodles, Egg Bake Cake, Zhong Dumplings, Hot Spicy Gizzards, Spicy Szechuan Chitling, 3 big cannons, Chuanchuan Xiang etc.

Fu Qi Fei Pian (picture is from Fotoos Van on Flickr)

Spicy Rice Noodles (picture is from Avlxyz on Flickr)

Egg Bake Cake (picture is from Simon Q on Flickr)

Zhong Dumplings (picture is from Leondel on Flickr)

One of the most representative snack in Sichuan is 3 big cannons. It is made of glutinous rice flour, use red sugar souce and sesame on the top. The taste is very sweet, most of the kids and old people especially like to eating 3 big cannons.

3 Big Cannons (pictures are from Jilly on Flickr and Kattebell on Flickr)

Chuanchuan Xiang is another very famous snack in Chengdu, every traveller come to Chengdu would like to eat this special snack. The name of Chuanchuan Xiang means use a bamboo stick to skewer all the food like duck intestines, chitling, prawn or other meat dishes and vegetables together. You can choose whatever you like and then put them in a small basket, just like eating buffet. Then you will be served with a hot pot, the soup in the hot pot is very spicy, you need to put the Chuanchuan Xiang you chose in the hot pot to boil them.

pictures were took and edited by special snacks kingdom

Chengdu is the most leisure and entertainment city in china. Comparing to some other metropolis like Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the pace of life in Chengdu is extremely slow. Moreover, the snacks and food in Sichuan are very tasty, so a lot of people would like to settle down in Chengdu. It is a city which if you have visited, you do not want to leave it anymore.

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