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Rita’s Snacks Kingdom

6 Apr

 Rita`s Profile

Rita is a Chinese girl who has lived and studied in the UK for three years. In the period of study abroad, one of her biggest interests is cooking, especially making snacks. Because in the UK, there are a lot of Chinese snacks can not be bought. If we really want to eat something, the best way is cooking by ourselves. Therefore she started to search recipes online and make various snacks or foods by herself. In her mind, cooking is a process of relax. When she cooking, she will pay all the attention to the foods, then she will not think any other boring things. She also said:” When people eating the foods I cooked and praise the tastes, I can always feel a kind of  happiness which can not be described.” She really loves cooking very much and enjoy the cooking process a lot. So she would like to share some snacks cooked by herself with us, the following is a video about the snacks cooked by Rita. Let’s watch together If you also have some fanbulous snacks pictures cooked by you or your friends, why don’t you share with us?



Mashed Potatoes with Kiwifruit

18 Mar

To many westerners, mashed potatoes is their daily main course. It is always cooked with cheese, butter, chicken sauce etc. However, do you know mashed potatoes can be cooked with fruits especially with orange, kiwi fruits, banana? The taste is quite different. Today I’m going to share how to cook kiwi mashed potatoes with you. Because kiwi is a kind of fruit with rich vitamins,  flavonoids and minerals. It has a lot of health benefits such as prevents Asthma, prevents wheezing and coughing, especially in children, protects our DNA from mutations, provides a healthy amount of antioxidants and vitamins, and helps prevent colon cancer thanks to a high fiber content.  Continue reading

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