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Chocolate Banana Balls with Shredded Coconut

29 Jan

Banana as one of delicious fruit is very popular because it has  impressive potassium content and varieties vitamins. It can avoid from anemia, decrease high blood pressure,  decrease depression etc. In addition, as we all know that eating chocolate also can make people feel happy. Therefore this  Chocolate Banana Balls with Shredded Coconut is a kind of creative and healthy snack / dessert which can attract many people especially girls’ attation.

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Sweet Potato Balls with Coconut & Honey

22 Jan

 As we all know, sweet potato is a kind of healthy with low fat and calorie, with balanced nutrition and what more important is it also has a strong anti-cancer effect. There is no doubt that this sweet potato balls in coconut & honey is a quite healthy snack for people of all ages to eat. When ypu bite it, you will find the sweetened bean paste inside brings you a lot of surprise and hapiness. Continue reading

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