Sticky Peanut

Peanut as a kind of healthy food is very popular for a lot of people. It was originally grown in South America, Central America and Mexico. It was known by various interesting local names, like earthnuts, goober peas and monkey nuts. Peanut is highly beneficial for the heart because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, the fat content helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases; it helps in bringing down the risk of coronary diseases because it contains high quantity of antioxidants; it is rich in protein and provide high energy to the body; it also promotes the growth of body bones as it contains calcium in high content etc.

 It can be cooked with different dishes such as soup, vegetables, meat etc, It also can be eaten as snacks. There are many tastes of peanuts are sold in the supermarket, but most of them are salty. Today I’m going to tell you how to cook sweet and sticky peanuts. Actually, it is a kind of traditional snacks. People always use this to treat guests in the spring festival. To most of us who born in the 80th generation, it is one of our favorite snacks and left us an unforgettable memory.  

Making Process:

1 Heating the pan first, pour the peanuts into the pan and heating with small fire about 15 minutes, then pour out the peanuts, let them become cool

2 Pour sugar and water into the pan, turn to small fire when the sugar melting, then there will be many small bubble, use a spoon to check whether the water is sticky

3 Pour the cooling peanuts into the pan and stir them quickly (a), use a strainer to sieve the corn starch(b) to make the corn starch cover on the peanuts equably(c)

Right, finish! Why don’t you prepare some sticky peanuts for yourself or for your friends, it is good for you to eat when you watching football games or movies. I have to say this is the easiest way to make a tasty snack.


1 when you heating the peanuts, you must use the pancake turner to stir-fry the peanuts continuously

2 it is better to heat the peanuts with small fire during 15~20 minutes

(All the photoes were took and edited by special snacks kingdom)


One Response to “Sticky Peanut”

  1. YU 14/04/2011 at 2:55 AM #

    My mother is good at cooking it!

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