Hello, everyone

I’m a media management student at Uclan, this blog is a part of my digital project in year 3. The main content of this blog is about  snacks.  I will not only share  some recipes of special  snacks with you, but also hope everyone can join to share your favourite snacks with us. 

The content of this blog can be devided into four parts:” Snacks DIY, Introduction of Chinese Local Snacks, Kitchen Tips and Snacks Exchanging Community”. 

“Snacks DIY” is about how to make snacks and what should be notice during the making process; ” Introduction of Chinese Local Snacks” is about some introductions or stories of Chinese snacks,  to help people know more Chinese food culture; “Kitchen Tips” is about some valuable tips like how to use unexpected but easy ways to clean cookers and many other useful tips in the kitchen; “Snacks Exchanging Community” is a platform for people to discuss or ask questions about snacks, you are encouraged to share your snacks pictures or cooking experience with us, it must be interesting!

If you like eating, if you like cooking, if you like experiencing fresh lifestyle and  making more friends, then please follow my blog: Special Snacks Kingdom. Because it is special, it is niche, it is useful! I hope it can be a friend of you in one day, not only a dry blog. 



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