Far East Oriental Food Store in Preston

15 Apr

Far East oriental food store is extremely famous among Chinese students in Preston. If freshmen asked where can find Asian food, most people would reply far east food store which is in the campus area. This place is much bigger than other Chinese supermarkets in Preston. There are many sections such as vegetable, dim sum, and dried food in the store. Consumers can buy whatever they want or like. In addition, consumers can buy something that they can not buy from traditional supermarkets in UK. For example, tofu is very usual food in China; but I can not find it in any british supermarkets such as Iceland. However, you can find tofu in any Chinese food stores which are in UK. Moreover, the store offers Korean, Japanese and Malaysian food. Personally I prefer dim sum and some special sauce such as bean sauce and Chinese sauce. Sometime, I would like buy Chinese vegetable and Chinese noodle. Though I am in the UK, I want to eat my home country’s food. Certainly, you can find the really taste of Chinese in this food store.

To summary, you can find any Chinese style and other Asian style food in this store. Also, it is very convenient because the place is not far from students’ house and flats. Maybe, price of food will be more expensive than our home country; but as we all know it dependents on exchange rate and UK’s economics. If you want to buy taste of Chinese food, the Chinese supermarkets is your better choice! Furthermore, the owner of Far East is very nice and kind. Sometime, he will give consumer small gifts, surprise? 

If you want to scan more detailed information about Preston’s Chinese food store, you can click here http://www.onlychinese.co.uk/Grocery_Store_Business_Listing/North%20West/Preston.html

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